We need a home-work tutor

The other day while guiding QQ to do her homework, hubby was mumbling. Although hubby used to take up a part time vacancy as a home tutor to a secondary student years back, it is indeed not easy for us anymore because the syllabus of our education has been transformed tremendously.

Hubby was telling QQ to go check with her tuition teacher instead but because she has to complete her homework everyday, there is no way for her to do it during her limited tuition days on those limited hours.

Looking at the challenge of kids homework nowadays, yesterday I asked QQ if she would still like teaching as her career (she mentioned she wanted to become a Mandarin class teacher when she grows up) !

Sample list of a website called Joblogy.com

To me, being a music teacher is so much more leisure but if she insist, she could maybe start off with a part time job kuala lumpur before she seriously go into the teaching profession since it is so easy and convenient to find a job online now.

If you are located at the north, and if you wish to publish your part time job offer, you can also sign up so you will be listed in the part time job penang listing. Or if you are like me, who wish to get a home-work tutor, you can also search on the Facebook Page to see if there is any private home tutor available near your place who could help you ease your daily burden, coaching your kids on their homework!  *wink*

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