July 5, 2013

Our house were almost broke into

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We had the most horrible encounter weeks back when a burglar almost break into our home.

It was almost 5am where all of us were soundly asleep in a room. Suddenly I heard one of our lock being opened and I was awakened to the sound of the lock. Amazing instinct, I would say!

True enough, our main glass sliding door was already opened and the burglar was in the midst of opening/cutting up the grill (or already successfully cutting up the grill ???)

I jumped up and quickly woke hubby and we were shivering real hard, trying as quiet as possible to reach for help through our hand phones. We dare not go out from the room, as we did not know how many people were down there, and if they already got into our house, making way towards our room :(

Silly us, we could not reach the police at any of the numbers we had and then I called some of my friends and neighbours to send help.

Every single second counts and I was breathing so loudly that I was so afraid I could be heard!

Luckily two policemen arrived very quickly. From our window, we saw that burglar who was in our garden, pretended to be the house owner, told the police that the suspect has ran away and we quickly shouted for help from our room window.

The burglar got panic and then climb to my neighbours’ home, trying to flee as he refused to surrender when the policemen took out their pistol.

To cut the story short, he was caught in the end and we were very badly shaken a few days after that.

However I do feel very grateful that non of us were hurt in the incident. Really cannot imagine what would happen to us if that burglar who was high on drug got into our home with a very big sharpened knife which was found in his bag!


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