March 15, 2013

Scary long fever

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Korkor developed fever last Thursday and lasted for almost SIX days!

During the first three nights, high temperature was expected but on the third night, it shoot up to 40.5 degree and we were so worry about it. Although it went off after the fourth morning, the fever comes back after he returns from school the next day :(

I was getting very anxious already because I heard there are many dengue cases recently. Even my own brother was hospitalized for dengue.

Luckily two days of having fever again, his fever subsided.

Thinking back, it was only one FEVER episode and I was having so many days of sleepless night already. And I really cannot imagine how those poor parents who cares for their kids with long term illness spend their moments waiting for miracle to happen, hoping to see their kids well again.

Parenting is really so challenging, sigh….


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