March 1, 2013

Chinese New Year Cookies

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So happy I could come back to blog again!

Can’t wait to pen down my pending CNY posts.

Shortly before CNY, we were all feeling down as we faced some uncertain issues at home.

To boost our mood, hubby painted some exterior walls and I got myself busy and went into excessive baking. I baked almost each night, two weeks before CNY, hoping to bake enough for three homes (Kuantan, Melaka and our own home here).

My very successful home cooked Pineapple JamĀ 

Although tedious, baking the Chinese New Year tarts and cookies was very mood lifting and soon I found out that I only bake enough for two homes.

This time my Pineapple Jam was a GREAT SUCCESS. I tried by cooking only with two fruits for the first round. It was so good I cooked another four fruits later on.

Butter Pineapple Tarts

I baked the tarts twice, starting by Butter Roll Tarts and then Open Face Nyonya Tarts (with lards, hehe!)

And then I also tried making Semperit Butter Cookies. Unfortunately my very pretty piped out floral cookies melted while baking. Not sure what went wrong ( the dough was soft so it could be too much butter?) but they were so tasty.

Another great successful recipe was this German Butter Cookies. Main ingredient used was the potato starch so I have not idea why they were not called Potato Cookies instead?

I am surprise the melt-in-mouth German Butter Cookies recipe is so easy to bake and this recipe is a sure non failure if you wish to try.

The last successful one this little Peanut Puff (Kok Chai) but with very close supervision from our dear neighbour. We use only lard to make the dough for the skin. QQ was able to help out a lot making this but I got my Kok Chai burnt as I was frying them for the first time. The above batch was fried by our dear neighbour :)

When we got the above done, it was almost Chinese New Year by then and we were preparing to go back to hometown.

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