The New Samsung Eco Bubble

Almost every home today has at least one washing machine. In fact, our neighbor has two, as she is keeping one spare one to standby when her washing machine needs a repair. She shared that washing her laundry manually with hands was a horrible experience whenever her washing machine breaks down because she would have to wash for her 3 grown up children and her husband.

CNY pre-wash rinsing, and this is only half load, clothing of 2 adults and 3 kids

Just imagine how difficult people in the olden days had to hand wash their clothes manually every day. Today using a washing machine to wash our laundry is so convenient as it takes away the hard work of cleaning, rinsing, and the most tough part, spinning the clothes dry!

Our very first washing machine which is >10 year old now

Can you believe until today we are still using our very first washing machine? We bought this medium size, a top loader 10 years ago, after we got married and moved into our first home. The reason I have always wanted a top loading machine is to suit my washing habit, which is to open it at times when I need to add in more clothes which I might have forgotten earlier.

For first time washing the new clothes, I have to check if colors runs prior putting into the washing machine

Sadly few months back, this machine could no longer control the water input anymore. I guess it must caused by the faulty PCB. Guess we can repair at some cost but perhaps it would be wiser to get another new one with the latest technology.

While we were shopping for a new one, we were surprise to learn that the Korean brand machine is leading the market now. Unlike many years back, when front loading machines were the very expensive Electrolux, and then Elba, now there are so many affordable brands to choose from.

Cool looking compare to the one I am using eh? Anyone using a front loader too?

One of it is this eco-friendly Samsung Eco bubble Washing Machine.

Yes, it is a front loading washing machine and instead of getting another top loading machine, we might consider buying a front loader instead. A good thing about this front loading Samsung is that cool water washes as effectively as warm!

My kids and I just cannot stop laughing watching the video above. They are just so creative about this machine that is able to wash so well that it could turn a brown bear turning into a polar bear!

We saw the demo too and fell in love with it immediately!

With our current washing machine, I had to wash at least two cycles to get rid of the residue of the on my laundry. One thing I like about this Samsung Eco Bubble is the special bubble generator to can help to dissolve detergent better and penetrate the clothes more effectively.

Furthermore, a front loading machine has a gentler spin so our clothes would not worn out so quickly. I would seriously consider getting a Samsung that comes with this sophisticated sensor to keep the load balance. We seriously need a quieter and noiseless washing machine, especially when I had to do my laundry at night!

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