Options available for tuitions

Although it is common for Stay At Home Mothers to guide their kids on study, I find that I have a lot difficulty doing it with my girl. Mainly because I do not have the patient to teach, and also the method I used might be wrong. Each time I try to guide her with her homework, I was as if too advance for QQ that she could not understand what I am trying to tell her.

And then I started sending her for tuition.

I grew up with lots of tuition and I find it is rather fun attending tuition classes where I can meet lots of friends from different schools.

But with QQ, I had to send her to a small group tuition because she learns rather slow, hence would not be able to catch up in a big class if I send her to those famous tuition centers out there.

Of course another good option will be a private home tuition. Home tuition is common nowadays and it is recently expanded to singapore home tuition industry. It is a portal connecting tutors and parents/students conveniently online.

In this portal, there are many tutors available where you can see a list of details of available tutor jobs and contact them directly to get information to suit your preference according to your location, preference and needs.

For those who has the passion of teaching or wish to earn some extra income, you can also register to be a tutor and connect to Home Tuition Job with online so the parents or students can search for you.

Pretty useful eh…Do try out¬† searching for your prefered tutors on this website and let me know if you really think it works finding the right person to help your kids.

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