Peak even at the clinic

I just remembered that I have not been following up with my thyroid test for quite some time already. So I went to a nearby clinic yesterday morning, hoping to do a blood test before the CNY. I was surprise that the clinic was packed with people queuing for blood test! *weird* As I was rushing to pick up QQ from tuition yesterday, I decided not to wait.

I went again this morning.

Good that it wasn’t crowded the time I entered the clinic. I saw one old woman complaining about her severe back pain. How I wished to walk over to her to tell her that my Grandma fell and broke her hips into pieces, and that she is still lucky to be able to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year so that she could feel better. But I did not.

Then a moment later, came in another old woman with a head full of white hairs, holding on tightly to her mental disorder aging daughter who is about >40+, clutching to a bunch of recycle papers which she believes is her cash. I heard that old mum mumbling something like her daughter became crazy because of her misbehave child or something like that….

And then after that, it was my turn to go in and I even joke with the doctor that his business is so good during CNY season!

Mentally or physically, I feel so blessed that all my loved ones are at least safeĀ  and sound, although facing some obstacles from time to time. Nothing feels greater than to have a healthy body and an open and happy mind :)

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