What we do during the holiday

Famous blogger from Sibu was asking, if we are doing to keep ourselves occupied during the school holiday…

I am sure other mums who stay at home with their kids would say that they are even “busier” during the school holiday compare schooling days. Since the kids are at home all day long, I would have to work non-stop, as if finding ways to keep them occupied.

Play time when everyone is in good mood

Although they can play very well on their own at this age, staying at home for longer hours also means that they would “argue and fight” more frequent. This leads out to lots of wailing and crying especially from the boys where I would have to endure to keep myself stay calm and sane.

Another main reason why we are not going out like we used to do during most weekends is because hubby has to work at our Car Detailing Center now. A joint venture with a good friend of ours, Bubble Wash is located at No.6, Jalan Puteri 2/6, Bandar Puteri, Puchong, Selangor, 47100.

The shop is rather busy right now because we are currently running a waxing promotion to save the cars from Acid Rain and Removing Watermark on glass for a clearer vision in heavy rain. (Please contact 03-8062 7019 for reservation/booking).

So, me, on the other hand would just stay at home, cooking or preparing meals, and then eat and eat all day long, sneak upstairs to take my nap while everyone else in the family is occupied. So I suppose this would be the toughest time for me to loose weight, hmm…..

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