February 17, 2012

QQ into KSSR Standard 2

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When I was told that QQ would be the first year using the new KSSR Syllabus, I jumped up in joy.

Well, not that their syllabus is easier, but at least the government are making effort to improve something, for instant, less homework. Very very much lesser than KBSR indeed.

Homework load for a Standard Two (under new KSSR)

Now that she is in Standard Two, she comes home only with one homework most of the time, and sometimes even none! Surprising right? And even with one homework, she would not even bother to do her ONE AND ONLY homework, until I bring up the boys to bed, when there is no one else playing with her.

Well, I still feel she is a bit too playful and she should put some effort to do revision. But hubby said, let her play la..since she has been attending tuition in the morning and go to school until late evening which I kinda agree it would be too stressful for a small kid like that to stuck with homework till late night.

But because there is less homework for KSSR, it also means less practice too. I notice QQ is very weak in her counting, and am hoping that her teachers would at least give a least one page homework per day, for subject like Maths.

Examination system under KSSR

Under KSSR, all school has reduce their exam frequency from 4 times per year to only twice per year. Shiok la…now QQ doesn’t have to stress revising for this Semester’s exam which would fall on 28th February, like all her Standard Three onwards Korkor and Jie Jie in school. And for me, I pulak do not have to stress myself pushing her to do revision, LOL!!!

Well, you can see there are pro and con for this new syllabus.

So, is the preschool your kids are attending in line with our new KSSR?

Just in case you have kids in preschool now and you find that your kids are given too much homework, perhaps you wanna highlight the new KSSR syllabus to the principal? Doesn’t make sense right, when Standard 1 and 2 today hardly has homework, while your little ones who goes to play school are already struggling so much.

I do not know how long this KSSR would last, or perhaps the preschool think that they better to equip preschool kids today to standby, just in case our education department would bring back the old syllabus?

I don’t know, but till then, I am enjoying every moment of the new KSSR, and shall just sit back, relax and see what’s gonna happen in the next few years down the road :) *happy*

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