Horror encounter with my part time cleaner

I thought I better share my story here, as hiring part-time cleaner is rather common now.

My very experience independent part-time cleaner

She was an Indonesian residing here, who has been cleaning on weekly basis at my place for more than the past one year. She said she used to work at a home for more than 10 years but I guess something must have happened or probably the family no longer needs her. And then she continue to work for another old couple at another house but that only last for a few months. Hmmm…I wonder why…

And since then, she has been living with some Indonesians around, whom work as part time cleaners in our area (those not attached to agents).

At times, I do hear some stories about her stealing, which I am not sure if it is real or rumors. As she cleaned very well,I took her to clean at our place on weekly basis. As we do not keep anything valuable at home so I thought why not.

As CNY was approaching

So right before CNY approached, I happened to accidentally withdrawn too much cash as I did not manage to use it with some payment I had planned last minute. So just before I went to pick up the cleaner, I MAKE SURE I divide them properly and then hide them very properly in between my files inside my store room.

I did not suspect anything but I was just wondering why the cleaner clean exceptionally well that day with some hours extra. She usually had to rush 2 houses in a day so I thought she was behaving a bit “nice” and “unusual” that day. I didn’t even thought of checking my cash after she left, sigh!!!!

The next morning everything was gone

So the next morning, when I went to dig into my files, I was so devastated that all Rm3500 was gone!!! I make sure I checked very properly and even on my hand bag and 100% sure THEY WERE ALL GONE!!!

Well, those are REAL CASH and for sure the cleaner must have dig into the bags of files where I usually hide some small cash. Perhaps she knew after all these while as I have been keeping a hundred or two in there during emergency use.


Since she was just next door cleaning for my neighbour the following day, I confronted her and asked her to return all my money. Well, guess her reaction…..SHE WAILED AND CRIED OUT LOUDLY with all her *Sumpah Tuhan* thing, denying that she took the money.

Knowing that she would surely not admit and since we had no proof, I left. Told myself it was all my own fault for keeping so much money at home when I cleaner came by. Well, serve me right la!

The money appear, can you believe it???

We left after that for a doctor appointment and came back 2 hours later. And to my horror, the CASH WAS SITTING right at a place, where I have 200% checked and confirmed it wasn’t there (just in case I mistakenly placed it out), a place where my boys could not reach at all (in case they wanna pull prank on me), a visible place where I usually place some cash!!!

Oh GOD, I am so thankful not only the cleaner (who probably felt bad after some words I gave to her before I left) return all the money, but I also FOUND OUT THAT SHE ACTUALLY DUPLICATED AND HAD A SET OF OUR HOUSE KEYS all these while!!!

I was really a blessing in disguise…*PHIEW*

I got hubby to change all the main locks just in case the cleaner and her illegal friends plan a break in one of these days as she knows my in-out schedule very well.

Can never really trust hiring anyone from outside into our home anymore, sigh!!!!!



Growing my own arrowhead plant

Each year I see my friends growing their arrowhead plant on FB with the “Ngaku bulbs” from the market and I thought I would also wanna try this time as it looks rather easy, so I am going to try this time.

Got some bulbs from the wet market ( you can also easily buy them in Jusco or any supermarket). It took almost a week for them to sprout.


For easy care, I just leave it next to my sink so I can easily change water daily (as it smells too). See the leaves growing? Am going to decorate it with red ribbons once they all grow up bigger :)


Kleenex, Sharing the Softness

We are coming to one of the most beautiful season of the year again.

It is the end year school holiday, the perfect moment for family time for many. Kids has plenty time to spend while the working parents could clear their leaves to be at home with the loved ones.


We managed a holiday trip down to Legoland, Johor and then back to Melaka just on the right time to feel the beautiful warm Christmas air with our loved ones.

a20131215_104535 copy


Season Gift Pack From Kleneex

Upon returning, we have also great friends coming over to visit. Kids were so happy as they were able to play with friends from their childhood years. How I miss those moments when our kids were still very little….


A pack of Softness, From Kleneex

And I suddenly realized I have wasted lots of time by not doing much with the kids while I have the luxury time to do so much more with them since I am at home all time! To my dismay, I find that my own kids are still very much lacking behind at their age, be it in their capability to communicate in multiple languages, basic living skills and studies.


I understand that parenthood is a lifetime learning.

Sharing my pledge with Kleenex® Share the Softness , I will walk my kids life, together hand in hand while listen to their laughter.

Now that I have made a pledge today, and hey, you can too share yours at Kleenex Share of the Softness to win amazing prize by Kleenex too!


List of School Bags available in Malaysia

Often, we asked each other, for recommendation on our kids’ school bags. Unlike our time, kids today have to carry heavy loads to school daily. Although they do follow time table daily, skipping a subject or two in a day seems to make no difference on the weight of their school bags.

It is really pitiful to see our little ones exposed to the risk of damaging their back like that at young age.

Usually Standard 1 children will be placed on the ground floor classes, so getting a trolley bag is the best.

Although trolley bags seems to be a good solution to the problem above, however not totally as the kids still need to carry their “even heavier bags now that it has an extra sets of wheels ” up and down across some steps to the canteen or into school, crossing the mini drains here and there. Once a week or so, they might also require to carry their heavy bags up when they go to the library or computer classes which is normally situated on the upper floors.

Whatever we prefer, this is a compilation list of all the brands available in Malaysia.

Impact (ergo backpack)
Deuter (ergo backpack)
Swan (back carry & trolley)
Unme (back carry & trolley)
Lego Bags –
POP Kids School Bag (both)
Dr Kong School Bag (ergo backpack)
SPI Bags (ergo backpack)
Taiping Poly
Astrokid -

Among the above, on of the most sought would be Impact Ergo-Comfort Spinal Support School Bag if it is not for its price. Here, a backpack is selling at Rm369 at Isetan or direct from Ergoland.

This Impact Bag model by itself is already quite heavy and it is really heavy after fully loaded with books. However the curve at of the shoulder strap and the texture at the back is really superb compare to many. I guess this could help to support the weight, maintaining the right posture of the wearer.


QQ’s New Impact

After using two Swan Trolley Bags (with handle torn from stitches, wheel frame broken apart twice despite after repairing, sigh…) we finally decided an Impact Backpack when she has to climb up to her class on the 3rd Floor in Standard Three.

If you are residing in Malaysia and wish to get one, it would be cheaper to get someone to buy from Singapore with about Rm100 cheaper than the  selling price here. Heard that Amway is carrying Impact brand too, at only Rm290 with an extra small backpack :)

QQ got hers from Singapore. It was SG$101 at Ergoworks with 15% extra discount using Passion card, thanks to my brother who brought it back for me before school reopens later last year.



Violin – going into Grade 3 soon

She just do better and better, in such a short time. QQ’s teacher is about to plan for this coming year music lessons for her students and she asked if I would allow QQ to be valuated at the exam this coming year in 2014.

I was hesitate by the idea as I do not wish to bore her by practicing examination songs one whole year. But hubby and teacher thought it would be good to send her for a valuation on her skill after taking violin lesson for a year already.



Legoland JB, 2013 Holiday

Initially I dreaded to go to this trip. Legoland was the last place I wanted to go, because we often listen to people complaining the park being too crowded and queuing under the sun is so unbearable.

However time is short so we made this last minute arrangement.

On 26th November morning, we drove down to JB a day earlier to checked into KSL Resort. It was Rm238 nett (corporate rate) with breakfast for triple bedding.


Checking into KSL Hotel

It was the moment the kids were waiting for!

Upon arrival, kids, checked out what’s on  TV while waiting for their father to bring up our luggage into the room.


“Dinosaurs Alive” Water Theme Park @ KSL Hotel

KSL Hotel is strategicly located in the middle of JB town, connecting to KSL Mall (which also has Tesco). This hotel has a very simple Water Park on it’s 7th Floor, with some easy slides for kids to spend time while their mums could enjoy a massage at Thai Odessey (at the connecting mall). Regret I did not went for it :(

a084108    a084947

Wan Tan Mee @ Ho Seng Kee, Taman Century (a few roads away from KSL Hotel)

A rather convenient location for us to dine out as it is in the middle of the many famous eateries in JB.

Instead of dining leisurely in the hotel, I transfered our breakfast vouchers to the subsequent morning as our 2nd night stay did not include breakfast (even more expensive when I booked via Agoda).

We had a quick Wantan mee- breakfast at the very  famous Ho Seng Kee (with only some people in the shop we also had to wait for 20mins, *shake head*) before leaving to Legoland which is about 20mins drive away.


Checking out the map while waiting for the park to open at 10am

We reached Legoland, Nusajaya very quickly via the Highway at around 9.30am. It was a sunny day but I had my BIG HAT with me, HO!HO!

Ticket purchase was very easy as there is no crowd on a Wednesday (surprisingly even though it was a school holiday). For cheaper entry, we used promotion as follow

  • *2 Adults, 2 Children -using  Oreo Buy 1 Adult , Free 1 Kid
  • 1 Child -using Reader’s Digest 35%

LEGO CITY (the first park, right from the entrance)

Kids want to drive so we shoot directly right into this section, Lego City upon entering just in case queue is long.


@ LEGO CITY Junior Driving School (covered area)

Driving around was fun. The boys went many rounds as there were no queue at all! But they just go round and round on the track. Too bad adults can’t play.

Seriously, I wonder where did all the Malaysian kids went to. Err…mostly travel overseas?


@ LEGO CITY Driving School

A bit bored driving by themselves at the small Junior Driving School, the boys went to join their sis at the at the Driving School for older kids. Waiting time over here is a bit longer for the adults as kids would need to attend a class before they can play each time. Can be pretty bored for the adults.

Perhaps by getting a permanent license from the Photo Booth, kids could get to skip attending the class each time. But since the waiting time was short, we did not bother to pay Rm35 for each license.

Over here, it was more exciting driving around here as the kids had to follow to rules (driving on left, with real traffic light, stopping at junctions and such) to avoid accident.


@ LEGO CITY: Boating School

It was very hot when we got on the boat. No queue over here too *so happy*. Kids would be getting on the boat together with adults as it was quite challenging manuever the boat.


@ LEGO CITY: Airport

All they did was going round and round, like the Jumbo Elephant in Genting. Hubby went with the kids while I hide in the shaded waiting area.

If only the weather is cooler! *sweat*



@ LEGO CITY: Lego Rescue Academy

At the Rescue Academy, at least one adult presence is required as we need to help to move the Fire Engine and pump water upon reaching the building.

No queue at all because most adults might only wanna go once as it was too tiring to use so much energy under this kind of heat. By now (almost noon time), I was going to faint under the sun. Poor hubby continues to play with the kids while I took pictures and videos.

By the time they completed, he said, “No more next round!

LAND OF ADVENTURE (2nd park on the right, from the entrance)

@LAND OF ADVENTURE: Lost Kingdom Adventure (Pic from

After that, we quickly moved out from this section and straight for indoor to the laser shooting at the Lost Kingdom Adventure. It is something similar to the Disneyland Buzz Lightyear Ride, where it is dark inside.

My boys said it felt spooky inside because there was no one else playing. Sigh…see la, got crowd complain, no crowd also no fun to play!

IMAGINATION (Middle park right at the end)


@ Imagination: Studio 4D

Seating capacity in the cinema is 300pax and we managed to complete watching all FOUR different Lego 4D movies throughout the day, YAY!!!

Couldn’t be more happier because it was so shivering cold in there (with lots of water spraying effect, plus the snowflakes)


@ Imagination: View from Observation Tower

Love it in there because its air-conditioned too, hehe…..



@ Lego Kingdoms: Royal Joust

On our way out for lunch, we stop by Lego Kingdoms to visit the castle for some pictures. There were several rides like roller coaster, spinning  boats in that section but the boys did not meet the height requirement. We skipped all rides @ LEGO TECHNIC as well…


@Imagination: Build and Test

We went out to Medini Mall for lunch after that and went in for another 4D movie. Upon coming out from the cinema, it was raining so all rides came to a stop.

We then ran to nearby Build and Test where kids get to play with their creation. I think we spent almost an hour or so in there while waiting for the rain to stop.


@ Miniland

Miniland was beautiful when lighted up in the evening. A cool evening after the rain was the best time to admire them.

I thought we should be heading home after one tiring day but hubby insisted to stay and let the kids play all they wished until the park closed *pout*


*dragging my feet following them to their play all they want, at their favourite Nissan Driving School again*

So here they were, waiting for the Driving School to reopen after the rain stops totally.


See how energetic were the kids. Driving in the dark plus cool weather was the best.  The kids went round after round until closing time.



Walking to the car park, passing through The Mall of Medini where we had our lunch earlier.

We were very lucky in this trip as it only rained an hour in late evening while we were in the park. Furthermore, there was no crowd. What a blessing!

Goodbye to LEGOLAND, for all the fun! No regret though. We certainly had a great time in there :)


Playing Piano again

Recently I was going through my old music books and very delighted to dig some of my favourite music sheets!

I was so happy that I am now beginning to  play my piano again while singing to the songs that I loved to play during my teenage years.

Bet everyone at home, especially QQ is feeling envy that I could play so well. She even tried to play some songs she remembered by heart. I hope she will soon pick up her skill in easy playing .


My 2013 Birthday

I was surprise when I come back to my blog just now. Can’t believe that my last posting was a month back, on the 23rd July, which was also my birthday. Gosh!!!

We were busy in and out over the weekends because the boys wanna visit their cousin who just got his drum set when his father managed to save on LP Multi-Gajate Bracket at musician’s friend with this purchase.


So back at home, hubby wants to get me a nice big cake but as we were having too much cake a month ago celebrating everyone’s birthday in June, I opted for a small simple Mango cake instead. But this year, he got me flowers!

What a pleasant surprise :p



Stop Taking Daily Nap

I got tired of asking the boys to nap after school.

Finally I gave up and instead of forcing them into the room with me, I’ll take a short nap on the sofa instead while they play beside me.

Unlike previously, recently the boys communicate and play better and they can play rather long before any “fight” begins. After lunch and shower is done, they will just take out lots of toys to play together.

Sometimes they choose their favourite cartoon movie to watch while I’ll quickly catch a nap after daily emails is replied and delivery for Mama Patch is arranged.

Flannel Regular Pack-Flannel Cloth Pad, cloth pad, day pad, washable pad Groovy-

In case you are wondering what Mama Patch Handmade is about :)

Dinner will be ready very early too so I can get the boys to eat before the boys become cranky by late evening.

The best part is, they sleep by 8pm so we have the rest of the evening by ourselves, with our only girl :)



Jumping to Grade Two

It has been about 7 months since QQ attend her violin lesson. Initially it was all fun for the first two weeks, and then lots of struggle between me and herself for her daily practice.

Now she is getting stable in practicing her violin, *almost daily*, but at least she makes sure she gets a total of 2hour each week for her practice (good that her teacher gives her a monthly sheet where she records minutes of her daily practice plus a signature from parents, hehe)

Her teacher has recently just promoted her from Beginner level straight to Grade Two (with exam skipped, as I requested earlier), which I think is a bit too quick.  Of course her monthly music fee also increased from Rm110 to Rm130, but at least I am glad she has excel so well.

If only music fee is not that expensive not to mention the instruments that cost a bomb, I would be very happy if she would take up another instrument soon later.


Our house were almost broke into

We had the most horrible encounter weeks back when a burglar almost break into our home.

It was almost 5am where all of us were soundly asleep in a room. Suddenly I heard one of our lock being opened and I was awakened to the sound of the lock. Amazing instinct, I would say!

True enough, our main glass sliding door was already opened and the burglar was in the midst of opening/cutting up the grill (or already successfully cutting up the grill ???)

I jumped up and quickly woke hubby and we were shivering real hard, trying as quiet as possible to reach for help through our hand phones. We dare not go out from the room, as we did not know how many people were down there, and if they already got into our house, making way towards our room :(

Silly us, we could not reach the police at any of the numbers we had and then I called some of my friends and neighbours to send help.

Every single second counts and I was breathing so loudly that I was so afraid I could be heard!

Luckily two policemen arrived very quickly. From our window, we saw that burglar who was in our garden, pretended to be the house owner, told the police that the suspect has ran away and we quickly shouted for help from our room window.

The burglar got panic and then climb to my neighbours’ home, trying to flee as he refused to surrender when the policemen took out their pistol.

To cut the story short, he was caught in the end and we were very badly shaken a few days after that.

However I do feel very grateful that non of us were hurt in the incident. Really cannot imagine what would happen to us if that burglar who was high on drug got into our home with a very big sharpened knife which was found in his bag!



We need a home-work tutor

The other day while guiding QQ to do her homework, hubby was mumbling. Although hubby used to take up a part time vacancy as a home tutor to a secondary student years back, it is indeed not easy for us anymore because the syllabus of our education has been transformed tremendously.

Hubby was telling QQ to go check with her tuition teacher instead but because she has to complete her homework everyday, there is no way for her to do it during her limited tuition days on those limited hours.

Looking at the challenge of kids homework nowadays, yesterday I asked QQ if she would still like teaching as her career (she mentioned she wanted to become a Mandarin class teacher when she grows up) !

Sample list of a website called

To me, being a music teacher is so much more leisure but if she insist, she could maybe start off with a part time job kuala lumpur before she seriously go into the teaching profession since it is so easy and convenient to find a job online now.

If you are located at the north, and if you wish to publish your part time job offer, you can also sign up so you will be listed in the part time job penang listing. Or if you are like me, who wish to get a home-work tutor, you can also search on the Facebook Page to see if there is any private home tutor available near your place who could help you ease your daily burden, coaching your kids on their homework!  *wink*


10 Beautiful Years

I can’t believe we have been married for full 1o many years!

Looking back , it was quite a journey, with many ups and downs. Life with three kids is no longer the same as before and it will never be the same for sure.

Although there was storm and hurricane when two people from different background stays together, I feel very much settled down by now and I am beginning to enjoy our marriage even more now, always being around for him and for the kids.

With the empowerment of being the lady of this home, I feel a great sense of satisfaction and gratitude, when I manage everything at home well.

But of course the most important thing that I treasure most, is the great relationship and respect we have for each other (including kids) at home, to ensure the harmony of this family.

I feel truly blessed :)


JOES ONLY ONE Mango Juice, Portugis Settlement Melaka

We went back for a short weekend at the beginning of our school holiday. The weather was rather cool then because it was raining.

Didn’t visit anywhere else but stayed at home most of the time. As usual, kids would request us to walk over to Portugis Settlement to get our favourite Mango Juice from this one and only Mango Juice Stall.

Ever since we discovered this one, we stopped driving to Klebang for our regular Coconut Shake. Kids love the sour taste of this juice, with the added asam boi to it.

And also not forgetting this simple playground that they could spend a lot time until its really dark!

It is a nice place to spend our evening in Melaka, walking out to the sea on this new concrete jetty, especially on a windy day.

Shown kids this ‘Jump-Jump Fish” on the rocks. Not sure what is the name for this fish :p

For dinner, we went to a nice place for Satay Celup. It was the first time for the boys and we are surprised that they could really eat a lot although the gravy was spicy.

Sorry no picture to show as I didn’t wanna bring out my phone since it was a messy dinner.



A Meet up with old time blogging Mummies and our special Guests

This was arranged months back, and with a blink of eye, it was Wesak, my first meet up with Jerry and his wife, Brenda who traveled all the way to Malaysia!

Jerry used to blog and that was how I became great friends over the year. Somehow he stopped writing years then (which is common for most of us who’s kids then grown up and we got busy) so we continue to keep in touch via Facebook.

Dear Agnes was a great host and she made the arrangement for a blogger gathering dinner at Port Village Seafood Restaurant. Ok, let the pictures do the talking then…

It was our first time driving right till the end of North Port. Gosh!! Its really a very FAR place from the city!

After we parked our car, we have to walk a nice long wooden entrance into the restaurant.

We reached there rather early (slightly before 7pm) but this place is almost packed already. Really wonder why people would travel so far to come to dine at this place!

Jerry Blakemore and his dear wife, Brenda

Perhaps, just like me, everyone must a have a good reason to be around.

Jerry still remembers seeing and reading about QQ on my blog when she was very little. So now QQ is 9ys so does that means we have been friends for almost a decade?

Gosh….how time flies and I am thinking how different I would look then compare to now, *hmm….

And not only Jerry who is from Texas, but these beautiful Mummies whom I have not met over so many years too although we are just staying so much nearer (compare to Jerry I mean..)

I remember the last meet up was an open picnic at TTDI park where some of us gather together to celebrate everyone’s birthday in June. The boys were only Age 1 then and the event was posted here.

So, time for another huge Mummies Blogger Meet? Hmm….anyone..anyone??

And here comes the great food that Jessie has ordered, yumzzz….. Obviously she is very familiar with this restaurant.

Here is a group picture of us (together with Jeff and Gina)

It was a fantastic great together for all of us, and Jerry and Brenda left the next day to Singapore and now they have arrived in Hong Kong.


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